Precision Products


Plasson USA presents industry-respected knowledge and experience in the precision manufacturing of HDPE fittings for applications as diverse as microfiltration, semiconductor production, landfill/gas collection, waste water treatment, industrial and mining applications. We have 20 plus years of leadership in providing solutions with tolerances of +/-1/16 inch (+/-1.5mm) for precision solutions in numerous applications.  Given our emphasis on research and development, responsive customer service, product quality, and testing, Plasson USA offers custom-designed solutions in the strictest and challenging close tolerance applications.

Key Benefits

  • Custom R&D for specific applications
  • Responsive customer service
  • Exact process controls and product testing
  • Compliance with ASTM, PPI, AWWA, API, ISO, and FM specifications


  • Industrial
  • Semiconductor Production
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Landfill/Gas Collection
  • Mining
  • Microfiltration

Precision Products

HDPE Solutions for the Luggage Point Advanced Water Treatment

Continuing drought conditions throughout Australia have prompted government officials to consider a broad set of solutions. For Queensland, the draught conditions combined with population growth contributed to significant water shortages. The government moved forward with the Western Corridor Recycled Water Project – a project that included 3 new Advanced Water Treatment Plants (AWTP)and more than 125 miles of pipeline. When one of the primary AWTP needed a pipe solution, they contacted Plasson USA.

Download the case study to learn more about this challenging project.

Technical Support

We offer our customers a number of support services including custom specs, onsite support and technical presentations. Our engineering services team works directly with the distributors and/or end users to design and specify the correct product for the complex project. Want more information? Download our Technical Support Document or Contact us for more information.