About Plasson USA

Plasson USA, formerly IPF-Plasson, was founded in 1992 and is a full line manufacturer of pressure HDPE pipe fittings from ½” to 65” pipe sizes with pressures up to 320 psi and lower pressure pipes up to 120” in diameter. Plasson USA also offers Plasson electrofusion fittings which are specifically designed for reliable, high performance pipe joining and long system life. This automated system has been proven to be most economical due to the low potential for operator error. Our customers are distributors to industry, municipalities and commercial enterprises worldwide.


Plasson USA manufactures and markets pipes and fittings customized to the needs of each project.

Serving customers throughout the USA, Canada and Central America, Plasson USA is recognized by FM as the leading supplier of HDPE fittings. Expert engineers emphasize the FM certification for the fittings as a fire-protection application because of the quality and safety requirements. In 2016, Plasson USA will have over 10,000 products approved to FM standards, almost triple that of other HDPE fittings competitors.

Approximately 40% of sales are engineered solutions where our engineering services team work directly with the distributors and/or end users to design and specify the correct product for the complex project. The remaining sales consist of custom manufactured products and electrofusion products.

Plasson USA is focused in three main segments:

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Plasson USA has three manufacturing sites that total over 140,000 square feet and employ over 150 people at the following locations:

  • Corsicana, Texas – Our largest facility that produces Spirolite pipe and fittings above 24”
  • Houston, Texas – Corporate headquarters
  • Missoula, Montana – Fittings 24" and below
  • Ma’agen Michael, Israel - Electrofusion manufacturing

Our manufacturing facilities are strategically located - helping our customers save on freight with shorter shipping times. On larger projects, we can split your order between multiple plants to expedite delivery.


Plasson USA is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Polyethylene Piping systems. We are widely recognized for our comprehensive excellence in:

  • Product Quality
  • Responsive Customer Service
  • Technical Support

Plasson USA offers testing and quality assurance to hundreds of customers throughout the world. If you would like Plasson USA to test your product, please contact us.

Polyethylene Piping systems

It is our obsession with providing the very best PE product in the market that sets us apart. This led to the development of the largest in-house testing facility for PE fittings in the western hemisphere. This allows our Quality Assurance team to continually test our products to ensure they are the highest quality and best performing in the industry. Our R&D team uses our testing facility to develop the next generation of PE pipes and fittings.

Houston Location
FM Approved

Plasson USA has over 10,000 products approved to FM standards, almost triple that of other HDPE fittings competitors.


As a voting member of ASME, ASTM, and PPI, Plasson USA takes its leadership position in the industry seriously. Our customers can rest assured that our fittings are built to the highest quality standards.

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